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We like to remind our members periodically about their right to representation during meetings with supervisors and managers. These are known as your Weingarten rights, based on a legal decision by the same name. Simply put, if you are called into a meeting or interview which could logically result in discipline, you are entitled to have a union representative present. Their role is to listen, record and/or clarify questions. Call your Steward or Business Agent to arrange for this.   more



Many thanks to Business Agent Karmen Ortloff and the Local 146 production team for use of this video. No union members were harmed as a result of this production!


The U.S. Supreme Court decision in NLRB v. Weingarten, Inc. established an employee's right to have a union representative present at a meeting that may, in his/her belief, result in disciplinary action. It is permissible and appropriate to request to know the topic of a meeting so that you may exercise this right.  

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New Website Helps Workers Enforce Workers' Compensation Law

Workers covered by State Worker’s Compensation can now search for and find coverage information for any employer in California using a new website, www.CAWorkCompCoverage.com. Employers who are self-insured will not be in the database.

The website, created through California Labor Federation-sponsored legislation passed in 2009 (AB 483 Buchanan), is a valuable resource for injured workers, union representatives and union organizers who now have immediate access to their employer’s workers’ comp insurance company information from any date within the last five years – or discover that their employer doesn’t have any.

To look up an employer, visit www.CAWorkCompCoverage.com, click on the ‘new search’ box, accept the terms and conditions, and from there the main policyholder search page will open.




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