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2012 Election Results

Despite the vast sums of money poured into the state, working families were the big winners after Tuesday's election. President Obama was decisively re-elected to a second term. Here in California, passage of Proposition 30 will ensure that cuts to public schools and public safety will not become a reality. Defeat of Proposition 32 demonstrates that ordinary people don’t believe that extraordinarily wealthy men should be able to buy elections and shut labor unions out of the political process. For the first time in decades, Democrats will enjoy a super-majority in both houses of the state legislature, removing the gridlock that has become our state budget process. View AFSCME Council 57's election victories here.

We couldn’t have attained all these victories without the hard work and efforts of Council 57 leaders, members and staff. The wealthy Munger siblings poured $117 million of their own personal money into this election. (See all contributions to the various propositions here.) While they are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, it’s still obscene that individuals can swell the coffers of their own pet projects while workers struggle to get by. Out-of-state billionaires funneled millions of dollars through phony front groups, prompting a challenge by the Fair Political Practices Commission. But all those worksite meetings, talking to co-workers leaflet in hand, knocking on doors and phone calls prove that we can get the job done against those odds.

What does this election mean for us going forward? It creates a blueprint for California’s recovery as a great state. Obamacare will move forward unhindered in our state, providing health care coverage for those without. Labor in California will stop defending ourselves and go on the offense, making corporations pay their fair share toward state revenues. And if the campaign spending in this election taught us anything, it’s that the initiative process needs reform or even elimination.

More importantly, we engaged our members in a meaningful way. In many agencies in AFSCME Council 57, we neared or exceeded our goal to talk with 50% of our members about the election. New faces emerged to volunteer at our Labor Councils, and we need to keep them in the fold to expand our pool of union activists. Let’s build on that to equip us in our continuing fight for the middle class in California. One way to start is to keep the communication going. "Like us" at  AFSCME 57 Facebook  to keep in touch with your sisters and brothers around the state.

Thank you to each and every one of you who helped in this enormous victory!

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