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Pension Reform: AFSCME Local 444 President Testifies Against Effort to Raise Retirement Age

On February 28, several AFSCME Council 57 members and staff went to Sacramento to attend the last joint legislative committee hearing on pension reform. The topic discussed at the hearing was the proposal to raise the retirement age to 67 for all workers in California. AFSCME Local 444 President Ruben Rodriguez spoke against the proposal in the public comment part of the agenda.

KPCC: Brown wants to raise California public retirement age to 67, but workers tell lawmakers that's not a great idea - listen here

He did a great job!

The legislative committee announced that they will issue a report with their analysis of Governor Brown’s 12-point pension reform proposal within a month. Last week, Republican legislators announced they support Brown’s plan, while it’s assumed Democrats will be selective in supporting parts of the plan that go after the worst pension abuses.


Council 57 will keep AFSCME members apprised of what we are doing in response to pension reform proposals from the Governor and Legislature. If you want to sign up for updates, email channa.newbern@ca.afscme57.org.


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