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Council 57 Announces New Officers

Officers being sworn in.

Delegates Elect New President

AFSCME Council 57, representing 25,000 workers across California, announced the new elected officers. Elections took place at the meeting on Saturday, April 28, 2012, in Oakland. The new officers and board members are:

President: Cynthia McCabe, member of Local 2620, Health and Social Services Professionals, State Bargaining Unit 19

Treasurer: Mary McWatters, member of Local 2703, County, Courts and Municipal Workers in Merced, Madera and Mariposa Counties

Executive Board Member: Ruben Rodriguez, member of Local 444, Blue-collar workers at EBMUD

All those elected on April 28 will serve out the current term, which will expire in April 2013.

Council President Cynthia McCabe is a 3-term Executive Board member and chief regional steward in AFSCME Local 2620. She is a Psychologist at the state prison system. President McCabe said that her decision to run for Council President was her response to the growing disparity between the 1% and 99%.

“I was born in the 50's. I grew up in the 60's. Things were not like this when I was growing up. Wealthy people and big profit-making businesses expected to pay the higher taxes. College was hard work, but affordable. We had an American made toaster that lasted 30 years, a washing machine passed down a 3rd generation. Houses were affordable, even to my mom, who became a single parent. People willing to work responsibly could count on a career, with job security, retirement and health insurance. My mom always got a Christmas bonus, more if the company had a good year. Life was never easy and we had to change things through the civil rights movement, Viet Nam war and our fight for women's rights. But, the economy and balance of power was not so absurdly unjust and out of whack as it is today. That's why I am a union labor activist, and always will be.” 

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