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The Facts About CalPERS

 The Facts About CalPERS

• The average CalPERS pension is $30,589 a year (the average annual wage in CA is $53,890 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

• 82% of all CalPERS retirees receive an average pension of $25,515, while only 4% Full Career Safety members receive an average of $84,432.

• The average years of service for all CalPERS retirees is 20 years.

• Unlike the private sector, about 29 percent of CalPERS retirees don’t coordinate with Social Security for benefits and their CalPERS pension may be their sole source of retirement income.

• The percentage of all CalPERS members who are defined as full-career is only 7% for miscellaneous (35 or more years) members and 4% for safety (30 or more years) members.

• Investment earnings pay the majority of the costs of public pensions. For every dollar paid in pensions, 65 cents comes from CalPERS investments, 22 cents from employers and 13 cents from employees (as of June 30, 2015).

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