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Local 101 - City of San Jose Workers Protest Attacks on Labor Rights - photos by David Bacon

In San Jose, AFSCME International Secretary-Treasurer Lee Saunders rallied hundreds of members of AFSCME Local 101 to march on City Hall in protest of proposed cuts in staffing, pay and benefits for city workers. "San Jose will not become the Wisconsin of the West -- we will not let that happen," Saunders said. Waving signs and chanting, "They say cut back, we say fight back!" the protesters marched to the council chambers to testify in support of public services and against the elimination of police, firefighter and park ranger jobs, and cutbacks in library services and community centers.

Statement of AFSCME Local 101 MEF President Yolanda Cruz on May 18th's city meeting on retirement reform.

“We need solutions, not scare tactics, We need to come together to find solutions for San Jose’s budget problems. These solutions should be based on accurate information, not scare tactics.

The facts are that city employees do not receive social security. After about 20 years of public service, most city workers belong to a plan whose average pension is $36,000. 40% in this plan receive under $24,000. The city is misleading the public about retirement costs. By using dated information and ignoring developments that show the health of the plans is rapidly improving, the city is painting a doomsday scenario that is inaccurate and purposefully disingenuous.”

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