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Letter From Ben Campbell - Next Wave 2009

Dear Local 829,

Thank you very much for sending me out to the Next Wave Conference! It was an inspiring experience. Over 600 people showed up! The conference was "super" organized and the work shops were excellent. I got to meet a lot of people and approximately 65% (maybe more) were 30 years and younger. One statistic was that 37.6% were under the age 25. What was really encouraging is that some were already elected officials or held office of some sort. What I was most impressed with is that there was brothers and sisters from all of the states including Alaska and Puerto Rico. 47 to be exact! I had no idea we are that big!

On Saturday, we ate breakfast while listening to guest speakers of whom was from Resurrection Hospital. She gave an amazing testimony and informed us why she decided to join AFSCME. Immediately following our noon workshop, they had buses waiting for us with box lunches to rally for our brothers and sisters at Resurrection Hospital. Every one jumped on that bus like we were going to war! We rallied, shouted, and held signs demanding better working conditions for our fellow AFSCME members.!

Afterwards, I was dead tired from all the yelling and shouting and waving of my sign while walking! Oh, did I forget to mention how hot it was! You
should have seen how energized we were shouting and marching up and down the sidewalk in front of the hospital. I believe our pressence was felt!

All I can say is that they organized an event that we should be proud of!  It was extremely organized and engaging!

Please count me in for a future Next Wave Conference for I got a lot out of it and was totally rejuvenated! I really appreciate our union and what we stand for and I'm inspired to have the torch passed onto me!

Ben Campbell
Building Inspector
County of San Mateo
AFSCME Local 829

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